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Our Process


Navarone Accident and Vehicle Repair has always provided its customers with the best level of service and repairs for over forty years.

As motor vehicles are becoming more complex and even more expensive, so too are the demands required of the repairer.

At Navarone Accident and Vehicle Repair, we embrace change and will do so as it is required in the future.

Our mission is to not only maintain the level of service and quality that you would expect but to always exceed it.

We Guarantee it!

1.    Call 1300 Navarone 24/7


2.    We Organise FREE Towing To Our Assessment Centre


3.    We Have A Large Range Of Replacement Vehicles For Hire So You’re Not Without A Vehicle


4.    We’ll Take Care Of Your Insurance Claim Assistance & Provide Support


5.    Repairs Begin By Trained Professionals Using Only Quality & Genuine Parts


6.    All Paintwork is Colour Matched & Repainted Using PPG Commercial Paints


7.    The Vehicle Is Detailed & Checked With Strict Quality Control Management


8.    Our Staff Will Contact You When Your Vehicle Is Ready For Collection


Navarone Panels is helping to minimize damage to the environment. Partnering with PPG Industries, we have rolled out a new environmentally-friendly line of water borne re-finishing paints. With lower solvents, the new waterborne re-finishing paints help reduce pollutants and waste with the added benefit of high-performance finishing results!

The Envirobase high-performance paint system is the same technology used by major North American and Northern European car manufacturers.



Our qualified technicians utilise OEM approved car benches designed for jigging and measuring which allows us to perform accurate structural repairs and replacement of even the most heavily damaged vehicles.

Our state of the art Car-O-Liner computer measuring systems allows us to undertake millimetre precision repairs enabling reinstatement of body alignment as per factory specifications.

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Rapid repairs are achieved by utilising technology such as infra red primers, waterborne paint technology, reduced drying and curing time equipment, as well as stream, lined job scheduling and process management procedures.

This combination allows light to medium repair work to be performed in a fraction of the normal time of other repairers.



Our LowBake ovens are enhanced using PPG paint technology ensuring the utilization of OEM refinishing products and therefore maintaining manufacturer warranties.

Our technicians are kept up-to-date with the latest training methods and we are continuously investing in the advanced refinishing technology allowing for a reduction in cycle times.

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